Monday, 17 September 2007

4. Composition in Yellow and White (‘Form Follows Function’ or ‘3Fs’)

Following several months rehab as a result of his Calpol/Bovril induced psychosis, Fleydon eventually emerged from his deep psychic trauma refreshed and revitalised.

"It was like a re-birth for me. I felt cleansed and purged. I felt as though I’d had an epiphany, a symbolic re-birth. As a (metaphorical) ‘clean slate’ I dressed in white lined and ate only fruit, seeds and water. At first my art suffered as I sought to re-ignite that emotional intensity, but I soon found myself in a place of order, serenity and cool. Calm logic percolated my psyche, although I must admit the diet was playing havoc with my bowels. The result was a statement –‘Form Follows Function’. Or, and not many have picked up on this, was it not actually a statement but in reality a question...?

I took up yoga as part of my new regime and was amazed at what the body could do could do – look, even after all these years I can gauge to an inch what stresses and strains my limbs can take."

At this point Fleydon dropped to the floor and into what seemed to be an ancient yogic knot. His gaunt frame and spindly limbs awkwardly reconfigured themselves. When he was eventually able to right himself he commenced a low, murmured chant. We listened in silence

A good thirty minutes later, still in his extraordinary position, he broke the silence with a sigh ‘You know, at that point in time I felt the body was a machine and a team, such as AFC Wimbledon, merely a collection of small machines combining to make a bigger machine. If the machine/team was made out of the correct parts then the team would function. If the team functioned then we would be guaranteed a good run of form – it follows then that ‘Form Follows Function’. I was completely unaware that someone else had used the phrase before. It confused my message, made things awkward.’ He paused and thought a while before continuing.People thought I was talking about building houses or something. They said they didn’t understand exactly what I meant. Now, with the benefit of hindsight I’m not so sure that I do too. Does it really matter though?

Stylistically though, I like the blue/black letters and there were lots of straight lines, which I like painting. So on the whole, despite really being a reaction to ‘Screaming Eagle’, I think 3F’s has a lot going for it. - and could you help me up now please?"

‘Form Follows Function’ has most recently appeared in a Don’s Trust election manifesto. Fleydon declined to comment on the politicization of his work.

(Form Follows Function is part of the artist’s private collection)

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