Friday, 22 October 2010

"Special K" - The Unveiling of Ked's Head

Sometimes a plan comes together. And don't you just love it when it does?

The Crawley game of 23rd September was just such an occasion for Fleydon as he made plans for a record breaking third consecutive flag focusing on a single individual. Of the two previous  flags "Just don't upset Danny" was indeed a true evocation of the spirit of Kedwell but the following effort, "Kiss the Badge"  had the unfortunate effect of indirectly implicating Danny in an international betting scam of biblical proportion. After keeping low and well out of sight for some weeks, Fleydon then emerged on the night of the Crawley game with what can only be construed as a 'peace offering' to the Dons Captain.

Special K - The Ked's Head is a simple design - an almost pointillistic rendering of the benign features of the special one gazing down on his chosen people. Stylistically not unlike the face of God, Boe , Big Brother or even Holly where in each case these individuals maintain a calm impassivity whilst all around them chaos reigns

For AFC Wimbledon the unveiling was marked by the presence of television cameras and a potential audience of millions. For Fleydon it was an unashamedly desperate piece of humble-pie eating. Would Kedwell accept the offering in the spirit it was offered? Would he provide some small sign of forgiveness? 
Ked's Head joins the Pantheon of Flags
Ked's Head was set up directly behind the goal in a high visibility position and soon attracted a crowd of potential acolyte's. Their apparent anxiety grew throughout the match as Kedwell seemed to spurn their entireties - to the extent of allowing the Crawlies to score in the very net they had hoped he would bless himself.
At this point things were looking bleak for the self-styled 'Kedwell-ites' and pleading cries of "Give us a sign!" were heard coming from the back of the stand. Half time arrived and the acolytes were left milling about in a state of obvious confusion
Confused supporters milling beneath the icon at half time

The second half was a revelation though. Having suffered their penance, Keds relieved the suffering of his followers by allowing the appropriately biblical Samuel Hatton to literally 'Cross the Jordan' to level the score from his accustomed position on the right-back hand-side of Keds.
To then prove his beneficence beyond all doubt the Lord Keds then rose above the 'red devils' to gently nestle the ball in the back of the net, beneath his icon, to seal a memorable victory and to send his followers into ecstatic raptures
No more need be said on this momentous night, although Fleydon - in a further gesture of contrition - has intimated that this most sacred of flags may well be used in the near future to raise funds for worthy Wimbledon causes. We await further details with barely trammelled excitement...
Tickle 'yer Keds with a Womble! A votive offering was discovered beneath the flag obviously placed in an effort to appease the deity.