Friday, 26 December 2008

Fleydon 'Imposter' sighted

Fleydon's high public profile and craving for attention is often in conflict with his litigious nature and his almost pathological insistence on maintaining his anonymity. The result is often a confusion as to who exactly he is and what he looks like which, as he seems content to acknowledge, is no bad think for an individual engaged in the myth-making process.

"As usual I've been imitated by a raft of aspiring wannabe's. Banksy for one. That preening oaf approached me when we were playing Raynes Park Vale one Christmas, bought me a mince-pie and engaged me in a very specific conversation about Art and Annonymity. Next thing you know he's the toast of the hip-scene and everyone's asking 'Who is this Banksy?'. Well I know and lets just say that if he pushes his luck too far I might just let his precious annonymity slip. And he's not exactly pin-up material either..."

His own less than familiar visage has also led to confusion, if not outright deception. The most recent to raise Fleydon's ire appeared in the AFC Wimbledon programme dated 2nd December, produced for the Eastleigh game. Although initially suprised, but not displeased, to see that a number of his flags were reproduced in full colour, Fleydon was then enraged by an article perporting to be an 'exclusive' interview with the artist himself

"Well it came as a bit of a shock, opening it up at half-time only to see a photograph of some grinning cacafuego picking his nose and calling himself Fleydon... and then going on about 'rallying points for children' and such-like. Made me feel sick to the stomach to tell you the truth. I immediatley contacted the club who were stunned by my revelations. Immediate investigations pointed to the possibility that they'd been had good and proper by someone they now fear was an undercover Chelmsford City supporter. Envy and a distinct lack of flag-hanging space at their own ground had led some to some wag donning the yellow and blue and 'suggesting' the article to the programme staff. A photographer snaps a few pictures, they conduct an interview and 'bang', job done...

"It might be seen as just a harmless bit of fun, a jape or even - at a pinch - a bit of a wheeze. You might point out that no-one was hurt, that worse things have happened at sea. But come on, people now think I'm a bespectacled baldie with nasal problems who only really started watching Wimbledon in 2002. And as for his comments on the creative process....well words fail me. "

Fleydon has decided not to take action against the club but has engaged a firm of investigators to establish the identity of the Fleydon imposter.

"He'll be scratching the other side of his nose by the time I've finished"
was Fleydon's own rather enigmatic comment. "I don't think he'll be trying that one again..."