Wednesday, 12 September 2007

1. Composition in Yellow and Blue (‘Tassels’)

‘This was the work that really put me on the map. At the time I was very much immersed in both the 19th Century Arts and Crafts movement and Blue Peter and this composition is a near perfect synthesis of the two.’

He leans forward for a closer look and his swarthy brow creases in concentration. Look here, you see the yellow and blue are two separate entities literally joined together by a single thread and bonded together by the crest. And here to the left there’s a slight tear where that single thread has been rent asunder by an open top bus moving at speed – As I was saying earlier this is real art in motion! I couldn’t bear to repair it – it has become a statement in itself.’

This is obviously one of the more iconic of his works, signed by players at two cup finals.

‘Yes indeed, art as talisman and sacred object. We won the first final and it became the ‘lucky’ flag. We lost the second final and it became the ‘not quite so lucky flag’. However, being lucky half the time is still pretty good.’

An aside, an almost off the cuff remark, led to some more revelations – ‘It’s hand dyed you know. The yellow and blue symbolise the club’s ‘dyed in the wool support’, except that it’s made of cotton obviously…The tassels too are reminiscent of pairs of large testicles carelessly thrown onto a fence. Yellow and Blue testicles... the dog’s danglies as it were! It’s nice to see it again. It’s a happy work.’

(‘Tassels’ is on loan from the TransCorpUniBondDirect Corporation of Indonesia)

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