Wednesday, 26 September 2007

12. Composition in Fur (Wombling Free)

Last season Haydon the Womble held an open competition to design a suitable flag to represent him to the wider public. The competition criteria was to 'rouse the crowd, to provide an ecological message and to be robust enough to always fly when the Womble was in residence'. As a result of a bet, Fleydon entered a canvas in the names of two promising youth players, confident that even without the prestige of his name that the quality of his work would win through.

“I had to change my style completely, of course” remarked Fleydon the quality of the fur and the texture of the cloths were, simply, outstanding. So much so that my two assistants found the flag more enjoyable to touch than the Womble! Of course I won – I never doubted for a moment that I would – but it gave me great enjoyment watching all the presentations, speeches and ceremonies, knowing that Fleydon was the real winner. The girls did well though and they had their five minutes of glory, even if it was windier than they found comfortable!”

Despite Fleydon’s eventual theatrical and highly embarrassing revelation of his true authorship, Heydon the Womble elected to retain the flag for official duties, mainly because as it later transpired Wombling Free had been the only competition entry.

Composition in Fur ('Wombling Free') appears with permission of Haydon the Womble and can be seen in the Tempest End at home matches.

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