Thursday, 5 March 2009

Fleydon & Time Out Magazine

Iggy Pop, then Dylan, now Fleydon... Has the artist known for his street-wise sensibilities finally sold out? Will exposure on London's premier arts and listings magazine, and on such a scale, go to his already polished and bulbous head? Can we expect his work to suddenly start appearing on hoardings, bus shelters and adverts? Will he finally follow the path of his estranged former flat-mate Salvador Dali and grab the bucks with both hands? Or is he engaged on a temporary 'consciousness raising exercise' before turning once again to his first love, the Tempest End on a Tuesday night in March for the first round of the London Senior Cup? Only time will tell - but be assured that the 'Art & Artist Review' will be there for every twist in this already convoluted tale...

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