Saturday, 18 October 2008

Appendix 1: "No Worries!"

A 'yellow and blue' depiction of cult hero Alfred E. Neuman helped to steady Wimbledon's nerves following a John Main goal drought and a couple of less than reassuring performances. Talk was in the air of 'wobbles' and of striking partnerships not quite coming off and this, allied to a couple of shaky defensive performances (albeit tempered by keeping two clean sheets against Dover) had persuaded Fleydon that it was a time for cool heads and a sense of perspective. The calming presence of Alfred E. Neuman ("What - Me Worry?") overlays a faded but still present 'will to win', as represented by the club crest. True, the crest is somewhat faded - representing as it does the cathartic release provided by promotion , but the aggressive red beaks indicate that the predator can never be satisfied with the status quo. Stamped across the crest is the answer to Alfred's unasked query and proof of the supporter's faith in their team "NO WORRIES" - no worries that we will prosper, no worries that we will win, no worries that John Main will start scoring again, no worries that Wimbledon are, indeed, the greatest team the world has ever seen.

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